Life’s Categorisation Project

As long and as hard as i think, it seems to me that every person in society is bound by this invisible entity that tugs and pulls us to certain labelled boxes.These boxes in turn seem to bind us into an image of ourselves which we deem to believe is who we are as ‘unique’ human beings.

In the short life that i have lived -looking, questioning and ever pondering, i have had trouble with the idea of who i am  . I’ve made my rounds moulding myself to fit into the abstract yet ever present boxes of the “in group” and at one point, i have also given into blending easily with groups that i seem to have “naturally” formed a connection to; and yet again in one point of life i’ve drifted and belonged everywhere and nowhere.Yet, this fixation to fit in to or not to anything really, is my perplexity.

You see, when i describe myself in some form or another, i’m seen under that box of description. That box then enables people to get to know me in a limited format.It may be many boxes but it somehow doesn’t feel like ‘I’ have been fully represented in that line of sight.

Say, we labelled a blogger as being Marxist. This person becomes bound by  people -not just followers but readers of his/her work , into this box or boxes of being a Marxist .This somehow distorts and makes this one life so definable and deducible.Is this really a fair evaluation? Are we really allowed to view people in such ways?

The one dimensional understanding of man is not what scares me- Its the fact that we ourselves internalise this as our truth and come to live by it. And whats scarier than living with a partial self that diminishes everything in its path?

I know this limited view applies not just to man but life and i’m afraid that these categorisations – multiple for some yet restrictive in many ways ,may disable us from seeing things in a broader perspective and instead become a restricting mechanism.

But then again arises the question -What would life be but confusing  if we didn’t know how to look at any one person?(what with the known and the unknown categories that he or she may represent all at once!)

Perhaps i’m babbling on about nothing ;Perhaps i’m going nowhere with this .But this is ,in written, my perplexity for today.

Dear reader, would you be so kind as to share my perplexity and enter into this never ending discussion with me?

Till then, i shall rest my head to detach a little from this dilemma….



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11 thoughts on “Life’s Categorisation Project”

  1. Maybe people create boxes because labels give them a false sense of security/identity … just thinking, because when people truly identify with a label they tend to have a strong attachment to it.


  2. Your post is so great, and the question you raise is one that I always wonder about when it comes to labels. I often write poetry on self-image and perceptions of how people see others on my blog I think that when we begin to label others, it can so often impact them in ways unimaginable because how we individually take what others say to us and how their words are mentally shaped with us is quite fascinating. Everyone’s cognitive process is different, and personal discourse affects that, and it’s strange how a word like weird could be seen as something cool to somebody who wants to be avant-garde and out there but to another could be a sign of isolation and unwanted.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback Djemmand! I honestly felt like you understood my post as i have.Labels just show as to how we humans tend to associate so much meaning to everything around us (sometimes, unknowingly).Your take on perceptions and personal discourse definitely grasped my attention!

      On a lighter note, i love your blog and i’m going to update myself on your work.Also, we kinda sync musically so ‘yay’ to new music !:D

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  3. I think your question is important and I think you also recognize the aspect that makes it important. Others can label us but we don’t have to accept their labels. In fact, I would go so far as to say that we should pointedly reject their labels and all labels. The last thing we should do is allow anyone, including ourselves, to apply a label to us because if we believe and accept it, we can only grow as wide as those confines. Labelless: we can do and write and be anything, mostly, because unfortunately there is a qualification that lies outside of us.
    I don’t know if we can really “find” ourselves. I think and hope it’s an ongoing exploration throughout our lifetimes. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your input Sacha.I hope one day all of us can reject labels as easily as we would our thrash.
      Also, there is indeed a form of beauty when i look into your idea of life and my being as this ongoing exploration -Thank you for this. 🙂

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  4. I think it is very interesting that you wrote this when I wrote my “What lies beneath” today. The labels people often give us is usually based on what they see of us and also what we portray to them. However, I have learnt that what we see is not always what we get. As you correctly pointed out, we are more than our labels. In my opinion we ARE who we say we are and not want people say about us. If what they say matches up with what you believe great, especially if it is positive. Any negativity that may exist still rest within us to change for the better. A label is just a label until you give it meaning.

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    1. Thank you for your take on this Cherylene!
      What i wonder again is of how much of the “I” i am missing out when i talk about who I truly am.The feeling of getting lost in labels and not knowing how to describe so much more is just so annoying and at the same time worth pondering over.

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      1. I understand. You would probably be missing out on a lot. I believe we are more than the labels society puts on us. The labels I’m interested in are the ones I give myself. Knowing who you are comes from pondering so you’re on the right track. 😉

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